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5 Tactics to Get Amazing Wedding Packages in San Antonio

5 Tactics to Get Amazing Wedding Packages in San Antonio

Even the most modest wedding can be expensive, but there are ways to maximize wedding packages in San Antonio without cutting corners.

Save a Different Date

To everything, there is a season, and traditional wedding dates are no exception. Many venues offer wedding packages in San Antonio that include high-ticket items like food catering, photographer services, photo booths, flowers, and more. But if you can be flexible in your choice of wedding dates, you could save even more. Ask if deeper discounts are offered during low-demand times of the year or even an off-beat day of the week, such as weeknights rather than prime Saturday dates. You might save a good chunk of change.

Patience Pays Off

The further ahead of time you book a venue, the less likely you’ll get a deal on wedding packages in San Antonio. It may take nerves of steel, but if you’re patient and wait until about six months out from your wedding date, venues may be more willing to negotiate in order to fill a cancelled slot. In this case, one couple’s change of plans could mean your dream wedding for much less.

Reach Outside the Box

For a West Coast or East Coast photographer, the chance to shoot an elegant wedding in a beautiful, historic venue like Gallagher Headquarters could be a prime chance to build a spectacular portfolio. This could translate into major savings if you’re willing to look for out-of-the-region talent.

Adjust Your Negotiating Vocabulary

Take the words “cheaper” and “lower price” out of your script when talking with vendors. Ask instead how you can work with vendors to get more value for your money.

Ask for References — and Use Them.

Ask family and friends for recommendations for venues and vendors with wedding packages in San Antonio, and don’t be afraid to drop names. Many vendors will give you a discount if they were recommended by a previous client.

Call Gallagher Headquarters when you’re scouting out wedding packages in San Antonio. We can meet all your needs: a beautiful location, value for your money, and memories to last a lifetime.

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Looking for the Best Rustic Wedding Venue in San Antonio? Host at the Gallagher

Looking for the Best Rustic Wedding Venue in San Antonio? Host at the Gallagher

What makes Gallagher HQ the best rustic wedding venue in San Antonio? Let’s take a look, starting at the ground level and working our way up.

It’s Got Good Bones

From the moment you set foot on Gallagher Headquarters’ stone pavers, you’re stepping back into a piece of San Antonio history. In 1833, Mexico’s General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana contracted with stonemason Peter Gallagher, an Irish immigrant, to build a badly needed military supply depot. With an eye toward the future, Gallagher engineered a unique irrigation system that turned what might have become a dusty, forgotten pile of limestone rocks into the oasis we still enjoy today.

It’s an Oasis of Natural Beauty

The diverted waters of San Geronimo Creek helped grow a WWII Victory Garden, and water is the common thread that inspired current owner Christopher Hill to maintain the Headquarters’ historic significance while providing a natural refuge for both people and wildlife. Even the gun ports punctuating its fortified walls now serve a more peaceful purpose, sheltering growing plants and nesting birds.

It’s a Treasure Restored and a Restorative Experience

Framed by a Texas blue sky, sheltered by ancient trees, restored and maintained by a talented architect with utmost respect for history and nature, Gallagher Headquarters is a delight to the eye from any angle. And it's a unique rustic wedding venue in San Antonio that you won’t find anywhere else. Why celebrate one of the most important events of your life in a bland, one-size-fits-all rental hall, when you can launch your future from the solid foundation stones of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in San Antonio?

It’s Rustic Elegance Defined

Whether you’re hosting a formal sit-down dinner in the shelter of the courtyard or a kick-up-your-bootheels dance party as the sun sets over the expansive lawns outside the walls, this rustic wedding venue in San Antonio is the perfect backdrop.

Let us help you make your wedding day dream a reality. Contact us today.

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Facts About Country Wedding Venues in San Antonio: Why Gallagher Is the Perfect Wedding Spot

Facts About Country Wedding Venues in San Antonio: Why Gallagher Is the Perfect Wedding Spot

Country wedding venues in San Antonio aren’t too hard to find these days. Choosing the best one for you is the real challenge — unless you start with one of the top-rated venues in the region, like Gallagher HQ.

Decorating Ideas Are Easy

With Mother Nature or a unique historical setting as the backdrop, there’s little you need to do to set a more perfect scene at a country wedding venue in San Antonio. As the sun goes down, your main concern will be providing enough light for guests to find their way to the dance floor. Table centerpieces can be straight-up country or simple floral elegance. A few ideas include:

Flea market finds like cowboy boots, vintage bottles, rustic lanterns, wooden boxes, and mini hay bales.
Open-air venues can make it a challenge to keep candles lit. Consider using candle warmers with scented wax or battery-operated, flickering LED candles.
Strings of white lights can be hung from trees, subtly illuminate dark tent corners, or be used to mark pathways after the sun goes down.

You Set the Tone

A country wedding venue in San Antonio is like a chameleon. It’s the perfect setting no matter if your wedding is laidback or over the top.

You Can’t Control Everything — and That’s Okay

A beautiful, clear day and a ceremony under the shade of a spreading live oak would be ideal, but as we all know, the weather seldom cooperates on our timetable.

  • Be flexible. Outdoor country wedding venues in San Antonio, like Gallagher HQ, have the versatility to accommodate your wedding and the afterparty, no matter what the weather.
  • Be ready for anything. If the venue is too spread out to make covered paths practical, provide escorts armed with nice, big golf umbrellas. Ladies in heels may appreciate a ride in a golf cart from their cars to the seating area.
  • Be prepared with rain or shine options. A wedding tent doesn’t have to remind you of a circus. Rental vendors have elegant, versatile options that can be configured in any way you want.

Setting, ambiance, value — Gallagher Ranch has everything you need for one of the most memorable days of your life. Call us today!

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A Complete Guide to Finding the Ultimate Ranch Wedding Venue in San Antonio

A Complete Guide to Finding the Ultimate Ranch Wedding Venue in San Antonio

A ranch wedding can be truly memorable experience, so if kicking up your wedding heels on a Texas ranch is your dream, here’s a guide to finding the ultimate ranch wedding venue in San Antonio.

What’s your vision?

A well-run ranch wedding venue in San Antonio, like Gallagher HQ, will offer a variety of settings to fit the pictures in your head — or enhance them in ways you never expected. For example:

  • A rustic barn or lodge.
  • Elegant gardens.
  • Buildings of historic significance.
  • Wide open, outdoor spaces with views of San Antonio’s rolling Hill Country.

What’s your price range?

Let’s face it: weddings are never cheap. But Gallagher HQ, one of the premiere ranch wedding venues in San Antonio, will work with you to make your wedding day beautiful, and get you the best value for your dollar. Just peruse our curated list of vendors. The photographers, bakers, caterers, and other suppliers we recommend are among the best and most trusted in the business.

How Many Are on Your Guest List?

Whether your guest list is an intimate 20 or a barn-busting 200, Gallagher Ranch has the ability to accommodate your dream, even if that means pitching the biggest party tent known to creation.

What’s Your Timeline?

Ranch settings might be wide open, but there are only so many days in a year, and calendars fill up fast. If your wedding date falls during prime “hitching” season, the more ahead of time you can book a venue, the better. Reserving a date is definitely one of the first things you need to do — probably even before you go dress shopping.

Got Colors in Mind?

Consider waiting until after you chosen a ranch wedding venue in San Antonio to settle on your color scheme. Purple and silver may be your favorite shades, but try to picture how they’ll look — or clash — with the more nature-inspired color palette you’ll find at a ranch.

Gallagher Ranch has all the elements to bring your dream wedding to life. Call us today for an appointment!

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How You Can Effortlessly Find a Place to Get Married in San Antonio

How You Can Effortlessly Find a Place to Get Married in San Antonio

When we say “wedding,” you say … what? Church? Party hall? Country club? Or do you feel anxious at the mere prospect of looking for a place to get married in San Antonio? Of all the complicated plans that have to come together flawlessly, in one perfect place?

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. There are ways to find a place to get married in San Antonio, if you know where not to look.

Forget About the Wedding

No, not the wedding. Just the word “wedding.” There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that once even a quirky, out-of-the-way cubby hole becomes known as a wedding venue, its rental rate shoots through the hole in its roof.

Look for a place to get married in San Antonio that isn’t typically thought of as a “wedding venue,” and you can save money in more areas than just rental rates.

Character Is Cool

Offbeat wedding venues are perfect just the way they are — little to no effort needs to be expended for decorations, like there would be for a barren, cavernous rental hall.

  • Historical places - That hundred-plus-year-old building with the cool pub on the first floor, Victorian architecture, and exposed brick walls? The three floors above are available for rent. Similarly, the security of the sun-drenched stone walls of an historic ranch like Gallagher HQ is the perfect place to start your life together.
  • Historical events - Are you and your intended both history buffs? Find a re-enactment, dress yourselves and the guests in period costume, and immerse yourself in another time for a day. What better place to get married in San Antonio than during your favorite time period?
  • Fairs and festivals - Have yourself a moveable feast at a Renaissance Faire. Or, why fish around for a great caterer when you can eat your fill at a seafood, barbecue, or chili fest? Or even launch your new life under the contrails at an airshow. What’s your pleasure?
  • Park it - For a nominal permit fee, you can start your married life surrounded in the natural beauty of a San Antonio park.

We have it all: history, beauty, and rustic elegance. Find out why Gallagher HQ is more than extraordinary. Call us today!

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Best Reviews on Wedding Venues in San Antonio

Best Reviews on Wedding Venues in San Antonio

When you’re looking for wedding venues in San Antonio, there’s no such thing as having too much information. Still, it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction as you read hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews. Where do you begin?

Start With the Facts

Make a list of must-haves for the type of venue you have in mind. How many guests are you expecting? What type of food do you want served: never-ending hors d’oeuvres or sit-down dining? Open bar or limited cocktail hour? Live band or DJ? Big, boot-scoot-till-you-drop dance floor or just enough room to have the obligatory waltzes?

Now google “wedding venue review sites” and pick a few to explore. Which ones give you the option to filter search results based on your criteria for wedding venues in San Antonio? Those are the ideal ones to start with.

What else does a good review site offer?

  • Photographs – Professional photographs are nice, but hopefully, the review site allows reviewers to upload their own, which can be invaluable.
  • Rating Categories – Look for star ratings not only for the overall venue but also broken down by category, such as service, professionalism, flexibility, value for your dollar, etc.
  • Contact Information – Check for the name, address, phone number, web site, and other web presences, ideally including a way to message the venue directly from its page on the review site.

Sift Out the Fiction

Sometimes you read wedding venues in San Antonio reviews and wonder, “Yikes, didn’t anyone like this place?” If you read carefully, though, you’ll find people complaining about things that weren’t the venue’s fault. The venue was just that: a place where the magic happened. Everything else — food, servers, bar, music, cake, decorations, linens, lighting, sound system, etc. — was more than likely provided by outside vendors. Look for reviews that focus on the facility and its staff.

Valuable information can be gleaned even from needlessly negative reviews. For example, you might learn that it’s a long walk on grass from the parking area, which could be an issue for guests in high heels. Properly forewarned, you can avoid potential problems.

Where to Start

When you’re looking for wedding venues in San Antonio, start with reputable web sites such as:

Sites like Yelp are more loosely organized, but as we mentioned, a discerning eye will sort the roses from the thorns.

Find out why the best wedding review sites give Gallagher HQ top ratings. Contact us, and we’ll help you create the perfect wedding day.

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3 Most Effective Tactics to Get a Good Deal on San Antonio Reception Halls

3 Most Effective Tactics to Get a Good Deal on San Antonio Reception Halls

For some brides, money is no object. For most of us, though, the vision of that perfect day in the loveliest of San Antonio reception halls is bright in our minds, but it doesn’t overshadow getting the best value for our dollar.

Here are three tips to negotiate good deals with San Antonio reception halls and other wedding vendors.

Tip #1 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . . . As Much

Yes, three grand seems like a big chunk of change to pay for pictures, but before you waste time and anxiety fretting over the photographer, back up a step and look at your overall budget. What are the three biggest-ticket items in the budget? Should you feel down because you couldn’t get 20% discounted from the photographer’s fee, or should you focus instead on negotiating 20% off the food—which costs five times as much?

Don’t be shy! Bring up the calculator app on your phone and do the math.

Tip #2 Bundle and Save

Increasingly, San Antonio reception halls are striving to be a one-stop shop for couples shopping around for venues. Managers are finding that bundling products and services in with the hall rental is an attractive package for stressed-out brides.

Along with the facilities, the food, linens, cake, bar services, and even music can be thrown in for a substantial discount. The reception hall takes care of coordinating all those vendors, and usually has one person who is the point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Tip #3 Shop Around

If you have your heart set on a specific San Antonio reception venue, wonderful! Just make sure you shop around. Not only will this give you a back-up plan if your first choice falls through, but you’ll have data to support your efforts to negotiate the best price for your dream setting.

Again, bring up your calculator app to compare packages. You may find that your top choice isn’t such a great deal—and one that’s just as beautiful offers more amenities and extras in a much more economical package.

Are you looking for a gem among San Antonio reception halls? Not only is our venue unique and historical, but we work with some of the best vendors in the business. Contact us to find out more.

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Get Ready for Your Big Wedding Day with San Antonio Wedding Venues

Get Ready for Your Big Wedding Day with San Antonio Wedding Venues

Whether it’s a big blow-out at a stadium-sized party center or a small, intimate gathering at an elegant, historical inn, plans for San Antonio wedding venues can spin rapidly out of control—if you don’t stay organized.

Create a Dedicated Email Address

While paper invites and RSVPs haven’t quite gone extinct, couples are increasingly relying on electronic means to keep track of guest acceptances and regrets. You might even consider creating separate email addresses to keep communications from guests, vendors, and venues from getting mixed up and lost in the shuffle.

Patience Is a Virtue

Remember that vendors and the managers of San Antonio wedding venues are busy. While you may want an instantaneous response to your email or text, your vendor has multiple clients to satisfy, and it may take some time to thoughtfully and thoroughly respond.

Watch Your Language

When communicating with San Antonio wedding venues, be clear, concise, and to the point. No one has time to sift through a Gone With the Wind-length email to determine what you need. Including pictures of examples is always appreciated, especially when it comes to hair styles, dress designs, flowers and other decorations, and poses/settings for photographs.

Direct Traffic

When a bride, a groom, a mother, a mother-in-law, and a maid-of-honor “help” by contacting your vendors directly to share their bright ideas, they’re really not doing you any favors. Choose one person—yourself or someone else—to be the single point of contact for one or more vendors. It’s the best way to head problems off at the pass.

Get Organized Early

Pre-printed binders specifically designed to keep your wedding plans neatly organized are available online and at local bookstores. Ideas for creating your own custom wedding organizer are clickable by the thousands on bulletin board sites like Pinterest. Managers of San Antonio wedding venues—and all your other vendors—will love you when you arrive with one tucked in your tote bag.

If you expect a dozen guests or a hundred, we can accommodate your wedding day dreams at The Gallagher. Contact us today!

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Tips for Including Live Country Music at Outdoor Wedding Reception Venues

Tips for Including Live Country Music at Outdoor Wedding Reception Venues

The ceremony is over, and it’s time to kick up your bootheels! A deejay is the usual choice for most brides and grooms, but for hardcore boot-scooters, there’s no substitute for live country music at outdoor wedding reception venues.

If you’ve got your heart set on a live band at your celebration, keep a few things in mind to head off any potential problems before they arise.

Wired for Sound

~ How are the acoustics at the venue? The band will sound completely different in a sheltered location versus the open air, where sound might be carried away by wind.

~ How will power be supplied for the instruments, amplifiers, and microphones? Are there enough electrical outlets, and will trailing cords be a tripping hazard for running kids or wandering guests?

Time and Place

~ If there’s to be music during dinner, make sure the volume isn’t so loud that guests can’t communicate without shouting.

~ Make sure the band and the dance floor are out of the traffic pattern between the tables, buffet, and restrooms.

~ Let the band know how far they’ll have to carry their equipment between the parking area and the setup location.

~ Ensure there isn’t a local ordinance preventing you from cranking up the volume to your favorite song.

Buffer Zone

~ Once the party gets rolling and the volume goes up, ensure there’s a space where guests can take a relatively quiet break.

Alternate Arrangements

~ A sheltered venue is perfect for unpredictable weather. Just make sure the band’s equipment, instruments, and power supply are equally sheltered from rain and wind.

Talk Through and Preview

~ Don’t just email the band leader a list of songs you want played. Catch a performance or two—preferably in similar outdoor wedding reception venues—to make sure the band meets with your expectations.

~ Have a detailed conversation with the band leader to nail down the playlist, including songs you don’t want to appear on it.

~ Agree on how long the band will play, how many breaks they will take, and what you will provide in terms of food, snacks, and beverages.

~ Plan on paying a fair price for the band’s services, roughly $55 per person, per hour.

The Gallagher is one of the best outdoor wedding reception venues for whatever pleases your ear—outdoor shindig to fireside string quartet. Contact us to explore your options.

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Elegant and Intimate Party Venues in San Antonio

Elegant and Intimate Party Venues in San Antonio

A birthday, anniversary, or wedding is a big deal—and searching among the many party venues in San Antonio to celebrate can be a big headache. When you look around, it seems all the party venues are geared for events with guest lists as long as your arm. Or leg. Or both.

Think outside the big-box party centers and chain hotels if you’re looking for a place to hold an elegant, intimate gathering for a limited number of guests. Consider the following venues:

Restaurants. Select a venue that suits your taste—both in food and in ambiance. Here are a few tips to ensure the evening unfolds smoothly:

- Book early. Popular weekends and holidays fill up fast.

- Limit the menu. Many restaurants offer special party menus, or you can work with the chef to create a menu unique to your event or theme.

- Small party venues in San Antonio may already be decorated, but ask whether you’re allowed to decorate on your own and how extensively.

Historical Buildings.

- Old theaters are famous for their ornate lobbies, often featuring designs you don’t often see anymore like marble floors and columns, Art Deco architecture, and modernized gaslights.

- Vintage, restored mansions may offer their dining rooms and parlors for small, intimate events.

- Some older River Walk hotels may not have a ballroom, but they may have a specially designed outdoor space either on the roof or along the River Walk itself.

- Ranches such as Gallagher Headquarters may not run thousands of head of cattle anymore, but they’re among the most sought-after party venues in San Antonio.

Art Galleries. Like food and wine, there’s an art space with the right combination of elegance and quirkiness to form the backdrop for a memorable event.

Craft Breweries and Wineries. These venues are already dedicated to the art of relaxation. Many offer options for everything from drinks and hors d’oeuvres to full sit-down dinners for small parties.

The Gallagher has all the features you need for your event, whether you’re inviting a few friends by the fireplace or a come-one-come-all fiesta on the lawn. Contact us to reserve your date for one of the best party venues in San Antonio.

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Plan for Rain or Shine at San Antonio Event Venues

Plan for Rain or Shine at San Antonio Event Venues

When you set a date for your outdoor event, you’ve got better things to do than stress out over what the weather gods’ mood will be that day. Look for San Antonio event venues with the charm and atmosphere you want that offer the flexibility to move your party inside if the skies turn threatening.

Sometimes, that might mean thinking outside the box.


Does your town have a beautiful, Victorian-style theater building with one-of-a-kind vintage details? Or a gleaming new performance facility with a large foyer topped with a soaring glass ceiling that brings the outdoors in? Many theater boards rent out their grand entryways for special events.

Public Gardens

Public gardens and arboretums are lovely San Antonio event venues. In an effort to attract more visitors, many such places incorporate shelters large enough to accommodate good-sized weddings, parties, and concerts. Plus, there’s often enough room to put up a rental tent for the overflow.


Like public gardens, a local zoo can be a totally fun and unique San Antonio event venue with both sheltered and under-the-stars options — especially if the animals are in the mood to pose for pictures!

Rent a Tent

Outdoor San Antonio event venues can be turned into an indoor affair with one or more rented tents. You can even create an entire custom “building” out of tents, complete with different “rooms” for dancing, eating, and socializing. Best of all, if the weather turns on you, the sides can be quickly rolled down to keep guests dry.

Built for the Hill Country

A historical ranch like The Gallagher was originally built with the local weather in mind. If the evening gets rainy, there are sheltered overhangs that will let guests stay out in the fresh air while keeping dinner and drinks dry, and a cozy fireplace perfect to take the edge off the evening chill. If you want flexible choices, we have options. Call us today to find out why The Gallagher is among the top San Antonio event venues — indoors and out.

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7 Decoration Ideas for Hill Country Themed Venues

7 Decoration Ideas for Hill Country Themed Venues

Weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements . . . any excuse for a celebration, right? And in a melting pot like the Texas Hill Country, themed venues of all kinds lend themselves to creative, fun decorations.

Idea #1: Mason Jar Mix ’n Match

Few decorations say “country” like a table full of mason jars all lined up, waiting to be filled. Ways to incorporate them into your event decorations are limited only by your imagination:

~ An attractive centerpiece is all about levels. Mixing up different heights, widths, and colors of mason jars adds interest to otherwise simple arrangements of flowers and herbs, floating candles, or even party favors and snacks.

~ Serve up sweet tea, cocktails, appetizers, or desserts in appropriately sized mason jars.

Idea #2: Boots & Buckets

Old yet clean boots and galvanized buckets are so versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Incorporate small buckets into centerpieces, choose boots and medium buckets for flower arrangements (tabletop or hanging), and use big tubs to ice down drinks or beautify a quiet corner with elegant floating candles and flowers.

Idea #3: Down on the Ranch

Straw bales provide a casual atmosphere, plus, in a pinch, extra seating. Even better, they can be purchased for a relatively low price — and some sellers may give you a refund if you return the bales intact.

Idea #4: Leather and Lace

The juxtaposition of beautiful, hand-tooled saddles and delicate Spanish lace is irresistible — and it’s a look you can’t pull off (believably) anywhere else but Texas.

Idea #5: Melting Pot Heritage

Where else but at Texas Hill Country themed venues will no one blink an eye when the festivities include a piñata, margaritas served in Irish crystal, and tapas on the same English bone china plate next to a heap of German potato salad?

Idea #6: Cacti and Candles

Like mason jars and galvanized buckets, potted cacti are a versatile addition to the décor at Texas Hill Country themed venues. Create mini cactus dish gardens for each table, or arrange tall, stately specimens for decorations and photo-op backdrops.

Idea #7: Belly on Up

Does your chosen Hill Country themed venue lack a few amenities? Perhaps it’s missing a built-in bar. Improvise with wide wooden boards placed on vintage whisky barrels. Make sure everything is securely anchored in case someone “bellies up” a little too close!

Want Texas Hill Country themed venues that feel like coming home? The Gallagher has the welcome mat rolled out. Contact us today!

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Texas Wildflower Arrangements for Your Southern Wedding Reception

Texas Wildflower Arrangements for Your Southern Wedding Reception

Few Southern wedding reception floral arrangements are prettier than a simple bunch of wildflowers in a galvanized bucket or old crockery pitcher, looking as if they were just handpicked that morning.

Much like Texans themselves, wildflowers are at home in almost any setting, from formal affairs to casual family gatherings. And they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Just a few examples include:

The Blues & Purples

~ Bluebonnets
~ Bluebells
~ Blue-eyed grass
~ Thistle
~ Phlox
~ Verbena

The Reds & Yellows

~ Indian paintbrush
~ Indian blanket
~ Sunflower
~ Drummond phlox

The Pinks & Pastels

~ Evening primrose
~ Wine cup
~ Spotted bee balm
~ Prickly pear cactus flower

And of course, don’t forget the ubiquitous daisy, brown-eyed Susan, white prickly poppy, and wild sage.

The Dream vs. the Reality

Many bridal couples envision a Southern wedding reception bursting with wildflowers. Magazines and photographs on the web make it seem achieving this floral nirvana is as easy as it looks. Using fresh wildflowers, however, presents a number of challenges that few professional florists are willing to take on. Some of them do — and accomplish it beautifully — but keep a few things in mind when planning your floral designs:

Wildflowers are hardy — in the wild. But they don’t survive long once they’re cut. If you’ve ever cut some roadside daisies to take home, you’ve already noticed how quickly they wilt, and they don’t tend to perk up again once they’re popped into a vase.
Allergies. A handful of delicate Queen Anne’s Lace may look like perfection to you, but it looks like a sneezing, coughing headache to some of your guests.
Availability. Different wildflowers bloom at different times of the year, which means having bouquets of a “wild” variety might not always be feasible.

The Solution

~ Use dried wildflowers, many of which survive the dehydrating process with much of their delicate beauty intact.
~ Use silk versions, which can look surprisingly realistic.
~ Use fewer wildflowers. The look of the most formal bouquet of roses and stephanotis can be softened with the artful addition of a few wild blooms.

If you’re looking for a Southern wedding reception venue as versatile as Texas’ wildflowers, contact The Gallagher today for an appointment.

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5 Best Wedding Foods to Offer at Banquet Rooms in San Antonio

5 Best Wedding Foods to Offer at Banquet Rooms in San Antonio

The latest trends in wedding reception food? Good luck nailing that one down. The choices are as wide and changing as the Texas sky, but you don’t have to look far beyond the horizon to make your reception in banquet rooms in San Antonio uniquely Texan—and uniquely your own.

Impress Your Guests

After the ceremony, while the wedding party is busy with the photographer, guests are eager to get the party started at one of many banquet rooms in San Antonio. Once they arrive at a venue like The Gallagher, don’t leave them waiting! Tickle their taste buds with these five ideas for custom-tailored foods and drinks.

Idea #1: Texas Wines

A wise person once said, “A good wine is any wine you like.” In addition to offering classic reds and whites, hit the Hill Country roads to discover what our local wineries have been creating using native fruits. For example: Mustang grapes, agarita, dewberry, mayhaw, persimmon, prickly pear, and peach. Check with the banquet rooms in San Antonio you’re considering — they may have a preferred supplier or specific rules about bringing your own wines.

Idea #2: Custom Cocktails

Local fruits and vegetables can also be incorporated into a signature cocktail created with the input of the bride and groom. Also consider the time of year and create something really different, such as a frozen cocktail popsicle for a summer wedding or a hot toddy for a cool-weather ceremony. Consider using spirits from native Texas distilleries.

Idea #3: DIY Food Bars

Make-your-own food bars — using local and organic ingredients where possible — is a tasty way to let guests create their own custom plates. In addition, gluten- and dairy-free options can be easily incorporated so no one has to feel deprived or go hungry.

Idea #4: Finger Foods

Encourage guests to mingle by offering foods that are easy to handle while moving about the room, such as skewered salads (veggie or fruit), “shooter” or shot glass pastas like mac and cheese or Italian specialties, bites served on individual spoons, and crudités served in tall shot glasses with dip on the bottom. Even fries with ketchup can be served in a shooter.

Idea #5: Coffee Desserts

A comforting way to wind up a celebratory evening is to offer guests coffee, but why not make it a memorable sweet treat as well? Provide a variety of flavored syrups, fresh local cream, spices, and toppings like sprinkles, shavings, and chocolate chips. Some couples even hire a barista for the evening.

When you’re considering renting banquet rooms in San Antonio, don’t forget to give The Gallagher a call.

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What Can Your Team Accomplish at a Texas Corporate Retreat?

What Can Your Team Accomplish at a Texas Corporate Retreat?

It happens to the best corporations. Creative teams run out of fresh ideas. Employees develop a myopic focus on minute details and lose sight of the worthy goals they were striving for in the first place. A Texas corporate retreat is an effective way to recharge your management team’s batteries, brainstorm new solutions to persistent problems, and generally remember why you like each other as persons.

Team Building

“Team building” has become quite the buzzword in the corporate world, but don’t be tempted to just book a trip to Vegas and call it a retreat. (Chances are you won’t see anyone until you all board the plane for home!) Think carefully about what you want to accomplish, and what suits the personalities of your team members.

~ A week of backpacking, ziplining, and whitewater rafting sounds like a blast — if you love adventure. Make sure the whole team is physically capable of full participation though, and there aren’t health-related reasons why they’d have to sit out certain activities.

~ While it’s inspiring to watch the team introvert come out of his or her shell, there’s a difference between gentle encouragement and pushing someone too far out of their comfort zone.

~ Although breaking the team out of a rut might generate a rush of creative energy, it also has the potential to create new and different conflicts. This brings us to our next point to consider.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Shaking up the day-to-day routine is what a corporate retreat is all about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go into it without a plan.

~ Set a budget. A Texas corporate retreat doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, if you’ve never done one before, it’s best to start small and simple. A venue like Gallagher Headquarters is the perfect example. At The Gallagher, you have the option of gathering the team around the fireplace for a seminar or casual conversation, going for a hike, or conducting a group activity on the grassy lawns.

~ Remember, people get hungry . . . Meal planning will be one of your top priorities. Whether you have meals catered or go out to local restaurants, make sure most food preferences (and allergies) can be accommodated.

~ . . . And tired. At the end of a busy retreat day, the accommodations should be comfortable with convenient and attractive amenities.

~ Set a schedule. A week of highly structured seminars will leave your team more exhausted than when they arrived. Make sure you build in fun activities and on-your-own time to let participants explore the beauty of their surroundings and enjoy each other as friends.

~ Consider hiring an expert. As time goes by and your Texas corporate retreats get bigger and better, consider hiring a specialist skilled in planning effective corporate retreats — or booking a venue with a lengthy history of hosting them.

Gallagher Headquarters has everything you need to hold an effective and successful Texas corporate retreat. Contact us today and get your team even more motivated and innovative.

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The Beauty of Live Oak Trees at Rustic Wedding Venues

The Beauty of Live Oak Trees at Rustic Wedding Venues

There’s no more romantic backdrop for rustic wedding venues than one of Texas’s venerable live oak trees. Not only is Quercus virginiana an extraordinarily long-lived tree — the oldest specimens top 15 centuries — its graceful, spreading branches don’t drop their leaves all at once like their northern cousins. The live oak is classified as an evergreen, a quality to which all newlyweds aspire.

There are many ways to make a live oak more than just a decoration for rustic wedding venues:

~ This tree is a venue all to itself. A live oak’s graceful canopy is often expansive enough to embrace the entire wedding party plus the guests, sheltering everyone from the most intense rays of the Texas sun.

~ No need to embellish. When a live oak is already dripping with Spanish moss, there’s nothing anyone could add that could make it more special, except perhaps for a few strings of tiny white lights for an evening ceremony.

~ A family landmark. You can return to a live oak tree year after year, even generation after generation, to document how it has kept growing along with your family. Perhaps you can even celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary one day underneath the same tree where you exchanged vows.

~ Love can keep on growing. Live oaks develop glossy clusters of acorns starting in September, just like their deciduous cousins. Acorns and preserved leaves are a natural for bouquets, table decorations and even wedding favors for guests to take home and plant. Clever gardeners will relish the challenge of cultivating a young live oak seedling into an attractive bonsai — maybe to present to the happy couple on their five-year anniversary.

An easy way to tell if an acorn is viable? Just pick it up and shake it. If it rattles, keep it for a memento; it’s probably not going to sprout. Place viable acorns in a pan of water, and heat on the stove until the water is steaming like hot bath water, but definitely not boiling. Let cool, discard any “floaters,” and plant the rest about two inches deep in light, organic soil in two-gallon containers. Transplant outdoors after about a year. (NOTE: Please don’t pick acorns off a live oak tree without the venue’s permission!)

Gallagher Headquarters is one of the best rustic wedding venues in Texas. Contact us today to plan your dream wedding.

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Country Wedding Venues in San Antonio: 4 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Country Wedding Venues in San Antonio: 4 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

No country wedding venues in San Antonio would be complete without a mason jar or three. Or three hundred! Mason jars, a staple of Texas gardeners for generations, comes in so many sizes that ideas for using them as whimsical and practical wedding décor are endless.

1. Ceremonial Splendor

~ Painted in your wedding colors, topped with “grid lids,” use half-gallon-sized jars for floral arrangements. (If using spray paint, remember to use it outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.) Tall, slender arrangements can line the aisle up to the altar, as long as the aisle is wide enough to accommodate the jars and your wedding dress!

~ Jars with water and fresh flowers can also be hung on the end of each pew—or on shepherd’s hooks if the wedding is outdoors—with a coordinating ribbon.


2. One Cute Cake

~ Instead of the traditional bride/groom figurines, place a pair of mini mason jars atop your cake, filled with flowers or meaningful objects for each of the spouses.

~ Use decorated mason jars as pillars in between cake layers.

~ Instead of a layer cake, build a mouthwatering tower of mini mason jars filled with a variety of cheesecake flavors.


3. Sentimental Centerpieces

~ Having a beach-themed wedding? Use varying sizes of mason jars to layer coordinating colors of sand, topped with candles and surrounded with driftwood, shells, and dried flowers.

~ Or, for a western theme suitable for country wedding venues in San Antonio, build a tumbleweed terrarium on the inside of the lid, screw the lid on the jar, and display with the jar inverted and lit from above with a candle.

~ Jars stuffed with tiny white or colored lights are simple to assemble and add a cheery glow to an evening reception.

~ A unique way to share photos of the bride and groom is to fill a jar with water and place a laminated photo inside. The water will give the photo a 3-D effect.


4. Personal Favors

~ Mason jars are a natural for serving beverages at country wedding venues in San Antonio, but with a little imagination, each jar can be a personalized gift for guests to take home.

~ Fill jars with ingredients and recipes attached to the decorated lids.

~ Jars filled with sample-size cosmetics or bath and spa items can be perfect bridesmaid appreciation gifts.

~ Whether you envision mason jars or mimosas, Gallagher Headquarters can help you create a wedding day to remember. Call now to reserve your date at one of the best country wedding venues in San Antonio.

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Seek Wedding Venues Near San Antonio for Gorgeous Hill Country Views

Seek Wedding Venues Near San Antonio for Gorgeous Hill Country Views

If you’ve lived near the Texas Hill Country for any length of time, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing one or more outdoor wedding venues near San Antonio. With scenery this stunning, it’s no wonder couples are eager to use it to frame their special day.

To make sure your wedding day is as picture perfect as possible, choose from wedding venues near San Antonio that have the right combination of scenery, location, service, and amenities.

Rustic, Historical, or Elegant?

The Texas Hill Country, which has drawn people from all parts of the world, provides a wonderful backdrop for all kinds of weddings, from come-as-you-are casual to black-tie formal.

A bride who plans to wear cowboy boots and outfit her groom with a Stetson will naturally gravitate toward ranch wedding venues near San Antonio, such as The Gallagher. Couples who love Texas history will find plenty of lore and charm at our Headquarters. We also offer a number of elegant indoor and outdoor spaces for the finest crystal-and-china affairs.

Make the Most of the Venue

Whatever your taste, make sure to keep a few things in mind before you fall head over heels for a gorgeous view.

Time of Day

Visit each prospective venue at the approximate time of day you plan to hold your wedding. The direction of the sun’s rays can help or hinder even the most skilled photographer. Also remember that the season of the year will determine how early or late the sun sets.


If you plan to don your hiking boots and take a few adventurous friends to a remote, dramatic overlook to tie the knot, go for it! But if you wouldn’t think of getting married without your grandmother present, then choose a venue that’s easy to walk or roll around.

Count Your Options

With weather as a determining factor, the most popular outdoor wedding venues near San Antonio offer the option of whisking the whole operation under shelter if the skies turn threatening.

Whatever type of wedding you envision, Gallagher Headquarters has the views and the amenities to make your day everything you thought it could be—and more! Contact us for details.

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